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The product is supplied in flakes / solid form. Bulk liquid supply can also be arranged. Consistent quality is maintained by ensuring minimum oxidation and maintaining close control of pH, viscocity and other process parameters.

Dark Brownish Red in Colour supplied in solid lump/flakes form. Can be supplied as bulk liquid also. Highly soluble in water, Hygroscopic in nature presenting strong Alkaline solution in water, easily oxidised when exposed to air.

Used in the manufacture of Dyes and Dye Stuffs (both Azo and Non Azo), Depilatory agent for leather, Floatation agent in Ore benefication, Digestion Auxilliary in Paper making, Rubber Industry, as mordant and various other applications.


Physical Appearance Dark Brownish Red Flakes
Purity as Na2S 55 % min  +/- 2 % W/W
Free Na2CO3 2% max W/W
Water Soluble
(other than iron and aluminum compound)
0.25% max W/W
Total other Sodium salts
(as NaCl, Na2S2O3, NaHS etc)
7.5% max W/W

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